November Featured Dancer: Stephanie

stephanie gold

Stephanie, a native to Utah, has loved dancing all her life. She received training in ballet, jazz, and tap as a child, but at the age of fifteen she, discovered her love for belly dancing, when she became introduced to the sensuous art form. After eighteen years of study, she has become a highly sought after performer and instructor.

Her path in belly dance training started under the tutelage of local instructors Raffa and Aziz, and has taken her into a variety of dance arenas in order to create a well-rounded technical style. In her endeavor to continue to develop her dancing, Stephanie has examined Egyptian dance ethnology to create a solid foundation from which to enhance her knowledge of the cultural heritage of Middle Eastern dance.

Stephanie is constantly building on her style incorporating tribal fusion, Latin, African, ballet, and jazz dance forms into her posture and movement. Her love of Egyptian dancers of the silver screen has inspired a style that encompasses a graceful beauty on stage, with energy, personality, exquisite technique, and flirtation.

It is Stephanie’s desire to continually learn and enrich her love for dance and bring her audience along with her. Her thirst for knowledge has led her to study with many great dancers and instructors, including: Mahmoud Reda, Dina (of Egypt), Randa Kamel, Dandash (of Egypt), Diana Tarkhan, Sahra Saida, Mohamed Kazafy, Jillina, Virginia, Aziza, Ava Fleming, Suhaila Salimpour, Ansuya, Dalia Carella, Carolena Nericcio, Rachel Bryce, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Sabrina Fox, Sherri Wheatley and many more.

Stephanie was a principal member of the Baraka Dance Company, under the direction of Raffa, which gave her the opportunity to travel, perform, and teach workshops throughout the Western United States. She was also a founding principal member of the Blue Lotus Dance Collaborative as well as co-director of the Hathor Dance Collective.

Stephanie is currently sharing her passion for belly dance with her students at Shimmy Studios, where she focuses on all facets of belly dance, including Egyptian dance technique, fusion belly dance technique, body conditioning, and dance ethnology.

Stephanie offers classes and workshops for all levels of dance experience.