December Featured Dancer: Trisha McBride


Trisha is an intuitive and empathic teacher, honing and developing these specific skills for over two decades. She understands the human body by connecting on a cellular and emotional level to others. This gives her an advantage to tune into her students specific needs.Trisha is a spiritualist by nature and a mystic at heart.

Trisha has been a tribal belly dance instructor since 2003 and a full time yoga instructor since 2010, teaching under a thousand hour RYT certificate via Dana Baptiste’s In Body Academy, SLC, UT.  An associates degree in Eastern Philosophy via Salt Lake Community College, SLC UT.   and an associates degree in Classics via Hunter College NY, NY.  Trisha deeply believes in her path through healing herself and teaching others to do so through  “movement medicine,” the union of yoga, ritual dance and from the heart fluid movement.  Using a strong understanding that WE have the tools within our own spirit to break open the proverbial cage and transform through the expression of strong movement.

An avid scholar of myth and philosophy, Trisha weaves myth and uses iconography within her teachings to connect students to a deeper and ancient part of themselves.  “Through this movement we heal ourselves and honor our teachers and ancestors.  Remembering those that came before us.”


More History…

Trisha moved to San Francisco in 1998 to study tribal belly dance, where she studied with Fat Chance Belly Dance and the modern fusion maven, Jill Parker. Trisha was recruited in 2001 by Azure, a San Francisco tribal belly dance troupe. Her dance style was polished and refined by Azure troupe leaders Michael McElhaney, Brigitta Gudheus, and Andra Young.

She moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2002, and her teachings began in 2003. Trisha built the belly dance program at the Greenhouse Holistic Yoga Center from 2003 – 2009, with a focus on fusing belly dance and yoga. Trisha developed a unique improvisational dance form during this time called “Lunar Improvisation.” Balancing and drawing on the energies of the elements, Trisha has always dedicated her dance to the Goddess, which feeds her artist endeavors on a spiritual level.

Trisha has also learned from and hosted belly dance legends Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Unmata and Mavi Clay.  Soon to add to the list … NagaSita.

Taking her teaching to the next level in 2013, Trisha combined teaching forces with long time friend Sibyl Buck.  The two creating a signature retreat called Set Sail and Surrender. They are now coming up on their third retreat in Costa Rica for 2016.
If she is not in the yoga or dance studio, Trisha is in her design studio, designing her dance troupe’s performance costumes or her active wear and casual to high fashion lines, creating what she calls High Vibration Fashion.  “ Draping people in gorgeous designs, cut in delicious fabrics is one of my favorite art forms.” (Please see the TriLuna design page for more on Trisha’s design work.)