April 2016 Featured Dancer: Lyra Zoe


Lyra is a Belly Dancer, Painter, Costume Maker, Jeweler, Sculptor, and Teacher. She started belly dancing just weeks before turning16, but her interest started when she was a little girl and went with her family to see belly dancers in local restaurants. Her aunt increased her interest in dance by teaching her how to dance with veils, castanets, and fans in the living room to world music. She’s the one that taught Lyra how to floreo and peek out from behind a veil. When Lyra was in high school she took the opportunity to start taking belly dance classes from the school around the corner (Kismet). She fell in love with the beautiful dance style and how inclusive it is for all types of women. Just a few months later she started performing under the direction of Annyvwn in a multitude of different styles. Since then she has learned many different styles under several different teachers. A few of the teachers she has had over the years include Fvorboda, Trisha McBride, Kelsey Kumari, Amanda Borba, Leggy Meggy, Amina, and the Ladies of Shimmy Shakti. Lyra is certified to perform level 1 ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style) under the direction of Jenna and Christina from Shimmy Shakti created by Amy Sigil and her troupe Unmata. She is a Tribal Fusion dancer fusing Hip Hop, Contemporary, American Cabaret, Indian, Thai, ITS, and Urban tribal. I have taken a number of workshops, danced with several troupes, and been a part of many shows. Lyra has created her own solo style fusion called Squid Fusion. Squid Fusion is defined by its fluid movement and sharp accents. I teach beginning technique and intermediate/advanced choreography classes on Sunday evenings at The Velveteen Serpent Movement Studio and Boutique owned by Michelle Sorenson in Salt Lake City. Currently she dances in Michelle’s performance group Aduro performing ITS and choreography. She also takes classes from Stephanie Buranek and also performs with her own student troupe, The Movers and Shakers. Lyra has been performing for 11 years this summer and hopes to never stop. Some things she loves about Belly Dance include: the community/your tribe, body confidence, loving my curves, road trips, her students, teaching, sparkly things, making a breakthrough on a hard move or choreography, designing and making costumes, hearing a song and seeing the whole choreography play out in your head, and the music. The troupes she has been a part of include: Kismet, DecaDance, Delight, Adia Shanti, Dragomi, Nepenthe, Solar Echo, Aduro, and The Movers and Shakers. Lyra has performed in The Black Box Bellydance Affair, The Utah Arts Festival, Summer Fest, Spring Fest, Boise Fusion Fest, Summer Oasis, and several shows produced by Meg H, Kita Zira, Thia, and Fvorboda. I also dance at restaurants, weddings, and multicultural events.