August Featured Dancer: Mandy

Mandy Williams


Mandy is a lifelong dance student, starting out like so many young kids studying ballet, jazz, and tap at the age of 7. Forays into gymnastics and clogging proved not so successful. Mandy’s true passion for dance kicked in as a young adult, when she started studying classical ballet seriously. As the years and the joints wore on, she started looking outside ballet for a dance pathway that could carry her forward into the future, and found belly dance. Mandy has studied intensively with local teachers Shahravar, LaRa Zorn, and Trisha McBride, and has taken various classes from other amazing local dancers and visiting artists. Mandy’s style is best described as fusion, with inspiration from ballet and temple dance fused with more traditional belly dance styles. Mandy has also studied Afro-Brazilian dance extensively, and finds great inspiration in the movements and mythology of the Orishas. She currently performs as a solo artist.
Mandy teaches an all-levels class as part of Salt Lake Community Education. As a teacher, Mandy believes first and foremost in a thorough grounding in technique, and paces her classes to match the skill level of her students. She pushes her students to work to their highest level, while consistently reminding herself and her class not to take it all so seriously.
When: Wednesdays, Sept. 14 – Nov. 2, 6:30-8:00 pm
Where: Highland High School
What: Learn the art of fusion style belly dance in this all levels class. We will spend the first part of class time every week breaking down and drilling basic technique to sharpen our skills. The remainder of class will be dedicated to fun combos, choreography, and improvisational games suitable for all skill levels. Class will culminate in an optional springtime performance opportunity.
To register (registration begins Aug. 22):
AND, because she can’t wear a belly dance costume to her day job, Mandy tries to cure the insatiable craving for decadent glamour by creating headdresses under the label Oculus Design. Check them out on Etsy and Instagram!