September Featured Dancer: Olya

olyaBorn and raised in Russia, Olya has studied dance and movement in its various forms since she was a little girl: gymnastics, ballroom dance, hustle, social dance and jazz. However it had not occurred to her to try belly dance until she moved to a VERY small town in the USA, where it was hopeless to try & find a dance partner. It all started in her living room, with a mirror and YouTube, where she picked up moves by watching dancer after dancer. Since then, Olya has danced group and solo pieces at various events throughout Southern Utah, studied with many stars of Tribal Belly Dance and taught classes Tribal Fusion & ATS classes in St George. She is also certified in Initiation and Cultivation phases of Rachel Brice’s “8 Elements of Belly Dance.” Olya is also a Health & Fitness coach at Pure Vibes, where she offers tools, support & motivation to help people with their goals. In her personal and professional life, Olya found her calling in helping people (especially women) break away from limiting beliefs, discover their power and illuminate the world with their light, inspiring others to do the same in a ripple effect. Her own life is an example of such a story. She came from an extremely poor family with super-strict parents who held the belief that life is hard. She grew up without a sense of worth, which has put her through several abusive relationships, depression and looking death in the face. Luckily, she was able to find help and support in this state full of people with big hearts, and start living her life in a new way, changing her powerlessness into empowerment. Olya lives in Lehi,Utah now with her husband, two-year-old son Archer and a boxer Scarlett. She is excited to join this dance community and meet all of you!