November Featured Dancer: Angelia



Starting in January 2017, Angelia will be teaching a beginning‐intermediate performing class for the Desert Journey School of Dance at 1367 Major Street in Salt Lake City. The style will be Egyptian Cabaret and the name of the class is Zoraya. The class will either be on Wednesdays at 6 pm or Sundays at 7 pm, depending on the majority vote of interest. Please contact her at or contact Fvorboda on the web page at if you are interested!

Angelia started belly dancing in 1998 as a student at the Kismet School of Dance under the direction of Yasamina. Her dance background consists of jazz – drill team, color guard and musical theatre. The first couple of times she saw belly dancing were at the Grecian Gardens Restaurant, where she saw the fabulous Aziz perform; and when she went to the Belly dance Festival at Liberty Park hosted by the Kismet School of Dance.
Angelia has had the honor and privilege to learn different styles of belly dance and perform under the following teachers across the Salt Lake Valley: Shazia – Scimitar Dance Company, Yasmina –Kismet School of Dance, Jamileh – Midnight Mirage School of Dance, Amanda Borba – Cairo Classic Studios, Heidi ‐ Bellydancing by Thia, Sulisha, Raffa, Stephanie Buranek, Michelle Sorenson, Trisha Mcbride and Fvorboda –Desert Journey School of Dance. She has also attended many workshops through the years and learned from world‐renowned performers like Aziza, Virginia, Jillina , Nadira and many more.
Aneglia enjoys bellydancing because of her passion to perform and to inspire the audience. She loves to create a choreography that interprets the music and tells a story to the audience. She has made many lifelong friends in the belly dance community and the sisterhood is amazing! She also enjoys volunteering as a stage manager at the belly dance festivals across the Salt Lake Valley. She is currently also part of the planning committee for the Craft Lake City DIY festival with Director Angela Brown.
She would like to thank her husband, Luke for all the support through the years when belly dancing became more than just a hobby in her life.
She is currently dancing in the Amara Troupe – Midnight Mirage School of Dance under the direction of Jamileh, Nepenthe ‐ Desert Journey School of Dance under the direction of Fvorboda, and part of a newdance group named Troupe Taqsim with Durdana, Jennifer Long‐Pratt, Karen Eason, Ber‐Lynn and Kelsey Covington.