January Featured Dancer: Wendy Gooch

What got me interested in belly dance?
Living in Maryland, and exercising at the local YMCA, I fell off the back of a treadmill when someone tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I would be interested in trying a belly dance class. Everyone starts somewhere. By the way, I am only slightly less awkward now.
What keeps me interested in belly dance?
Personal growth, always learning, and teaching. I am a certified instructor of ATS ® at The Velveteen Serpent. Co-director of Allele, with Temis Taylor. Co-founder of Mirage and Tribal Synergy (East Coast) with Janet Hughes. Co-producer of Tribal Café (Intermountain West) with Aaliyah Jenny. A member of Michelle Sorenson’s ITS troupe and dance troupe Aduro; along with, Elaine Raber, Kristen Morales, Lyra Zoe. Former member of Davina Tribal Collective (DTC). While residing in Maryland, I began teaching belly dance and formed several student troupes.
I had knee replacement surgery in October 2016, and am working hard to regain full range of motion.
In 2017 will be performing at East Coast Classic with Aaliyah Jenny and Michelle Sorenson. I am so excited for the monthly Tribal Cafés, local workshops and festivals of dance. In July 2017, I will be participating in R.A.W. Epiphany, right here in Utah!
So, what’s my background?
ATS (Amercian Tribal Style)®, ITS (Unmata Hot Pot), Tunisian, Nubian, World Tribal Fusion, tribal fusion, fusion, folkloric, and ballet. I am currently studying with Michelle Sorensen, Aaliyah Jenny, Lyra Zoe, and Aziz.
I continue to take workshops throughout the United States with many talented dancers/instructors, so that I may grow as a dancer and a teacher. I have had the honor of performing at Fusion Fest, Third Coast Tribal, Tribal Fest, Cues & Tattoos, Tribal Synergy, Fall Fest, as well as many wonderful Utah-centric workshops and festivals. I have lectured, demonstrated, and taught at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design “Folkloric Dance”, McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College) “Body Image and BellyDance”, and Culture Day Frederick County, Maryland Public Libraries, Mt. St. Mary’s College “BellyDance and Cultural Awareness”.
I love learning something new every day, vegan food, coffee, dark chocolate, genuine laughter with good friends, creative expression, creating art in many forms, and I love my fur-kiddo.