February Featured Dancer: Rosalind

Rosalind is originally from a small town in Washington State, and has been bellydancing to some degree or another since she was a teenager, after she picked up her mother’s copy of “The Complete Bellydancer.”

Growing up in Seattle in the 1990’s she was fortunate enough to have regular opportunities to dance to live music with the MB Orchestra – a family of musicians from Cairo, Egypt. She herself has traveled to Egypt twice, for a small firsthand taste of the culture as well as a chance to see some of the great Egyptian dancers—such as Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdo, Souhair Zeki and Dina – live in person. Her most influential teachers have included Feiruz Aram of Los Angeles & Seattle, Mish Mish and Delilah of Seattle, and Mahisha of Port Townsend, WA and Colorado.

Because dancing doesn’t pay the bills (very well), she focused on building a career in the IT industry, with dance being a passionate hobby for weekends and evenings. Twelve years ago she moved to Utah, where she was delighted to find a vibrant and welcoming dance scene. Currently she is a member of Hathor Dance, with Rebecca Clayton and Amanda Major Fox. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and a cat, and when she is not dancing or working, she is trying to get out into the spectacular Utah desert country!

You can check out her YouTube channel, where she has videos of many local dancers: Rosalind Yoakum