April Featured Dancer: Kit

I am a belly dancer, hula hooper, and artist. Visual arts have been in my life for as long as I can remember. I have been dancing for about six years total within many styles of dance (including belly dance, ballroom, jazz, and modern), but the past three years I narrowed my focus to American Tribal Style. Sometimes I play with Tribal Fusion, but I find I am mostly drawn to ATS because of its style and community. When I first moved to Cedar City, Utah a few years ago I was looking to get back into belly dancing when I found out my college had a belly dance club. I started attending classes with the club and hit the ground running. I recently graduated with my MFA and spent my summer at a circus school in Seattle. Dancing and visual arts will always be a part of my life. When I’m not dancing or hooping, I enjoy reading, playing video and board games, and spending time with friends.

I teach my belly dance classes at a yoga studio in Cedar City, Utah called Sage Hills 108. Typically classes are held on Wednesdays in the evening. Students can join the facebook group Sage Hills Belly Dance to stay up to date on class information.

Email is probably the easiest way to get ahold of me, CircusOrBust@outlook.com